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All of our live-streamed and on-demand classes are available 24/7 and taught by some of the best certified trainers in the industry. We offer yoga, cardio, strength training and many specialty classes designed to give you the variety and convenience needed to fit your busy schedule. No matter what your fitness needs are, we’ve got you covered.


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Our nutritional content provides members with step-by-step cooking classes and recipes that are easy to make, as well as delicious! Our certified nutritionists are also available to create customized nutrition plans to help you meet your personal goals.


We all know how stressful cooking can be. From finding the right recipe to making sure we are eating our fruits and veggies, cooking can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve made cooking a priority. With countless recipes and cooking videos, we can make cooking the easiest part of your day!


Having a supportive community is an essential part of maintaining a life of wellness. That’s why we offer our members a built in support system; complete with members’ forums, personal access to our trainers, monthly wellness challenges and success stories from members creating their healthiest life.

About LSF


Live Streaming Fitness (LSF) is a company with a vision to impact the lives of millions through our dedication to provide healthy living resources and opportunities in a way that is changing the fitness and health industry forever!

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What Makes Us Different?

LSF offers convenient, fresh, and affordable fitness opportunities as well as healthy living and nutritional tools to everyone, everywhere with the only restriction being a wifi connection! We have removed all of the obstacles that have robbed so many people and their families of a healthy fulfilling life. The only question left is…are you ready to let us liven up your fit?
The two causes your membership will help fund will be child obesity here in the United States and getting clean drinking water to families in third world countries. 1 out of 3 children are obese in North America; type 2 diabetes which is preventable, and is growing in astronomical numbers. It is due to a lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and nutritional unawareness.
LSF offers LIVE CLASSES streamed from the home or studio of our trainers straight to your computer, tablet, smart phone, or internet TV with the convenience of never leaving your home!
The LSF On Demand classes are one of the most valuable resources within your membership. If you miss your favorite LIVE CLASS no worries…you can access our extensive On Demand archiving technology 24/7!
LSF makes it simple and easy to watch live classes. With the ability to stream live via your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV, we take away all barriers!

Ways to Watch Live Classes:

Variety of LIVE classes to choose from:

Meet Some of Our Team:

Real Trainers for Real People!
Todd Duncan
Strength and Cardio Classes
Todd Duncan has been teaching group exercise classes since the days of Reebok and Spinning. He got into fitness as a kid through wrestling and football and stayed interested in his adult life.
Shelby Skaggs
Aerobics and Strength Classes
By the time she was 12 years old, Shelby Skaggs was an athlete, gymnast, dancer, and a Christian. Shelby is a certified ACE Personal Trainer, NETA Barre Instructor, NETA Spin Instructor, and Zumba Instructor.
Sean Garner
Strength and Stretching Classes
Sean Garner is the co-owner and head coach of Excel Performance Training. As a Men’s Health Magazine fitness advisor and writer, he has spent years helping others pursue fitness and has coached a number of novice level to professional level athletes and teams to greater levels of performance.
Nicole Peltier
Hip Hop and Gentle Yoga
Nicole Peltier has been teaching her eclectic, musically motivated, creative yoga classes for 14 years to all ages and levels. Nicole draws a lively following of teens and young people who are inspired by her young, fresh attitude and easy to follow instruction.

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