What’s The One Thing Missing in Corporate Wellness?


There is very little argument in the workplace today, whether it’s a large or small company, that the wellness of employees has a direct impact on the culture and the financial bottom line of business.

It is hard to believe while many businesses today have a wellness program even more do not! What’s even more difficult to believe is that one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is still missing from even the most robust wellness programs out there…FITNESS! The majority of all wellness programs in the marketplace today are content/ information based with very little if any actual interaction with its members. We all know there are two halves to a healthy lifestyle… exercise and diet. What if there was a wellness program that didn’t just focus on the diet or nutritional information but actually included a fitness resource in the palm of the end user? Imagine if end users could not only pick from a variety of trainers and fitness resources but could also experience actual cooking shows demonstrating tips, tricks, and recipes teaching them how to cook and eat cleaner!

Do you know the one reason most companies don’t offer their employees a wellness program?

Ah why even beat around the bush on this one… we all know why more companies don’t provide quality wellness programs to their employees. It not because they don’t care or understand the value and ROI of healthy employees… it’s the COST! I am not suggesting the cost of current wellness programs are that affordable they’re not! With national health and labor agencies indicating an average $300-$400 investment annually per employee to see a $7-$8 return per wellness dollar spent… even with such significant returns it can still be a very out of reach investment for an employer to make. But what if there was a wellness resource that was created on a cause-driven business model rather than a profit-driven business model? The result would be a wellness resource companies could provide their most valuable assets for less than two grande cappuccino lattes per month!

Do you know the one reason why most corporate wellness programs don’t have more participation?

Wellness program providers have spent millions in activity tracking devices, developing incentive programs, and building technologies all for the purpose of getting an employee to participate in wellness programs. I am not suggesting these things are useless, I am however stating there is still something that has been entirely ignored in unlocking much higher participation levels in corporate wellness programs…HUMAN NATURE!

What if, in addition to the things mentioned above, a wellness program was designed to engage the employee and their entire family? And it was built on a social community-based platform that breeds accountability and connection along with the stream of interactive fitness, cooking, and nutrition resources brought right into the comfort/privacy of their own home! The core of good health are the habits we form at home within our lifestyle choices and most chronic diseases can be avoided/mitigated by making healthier life decisions. It’s human nature…employees will utilize a wellness program more effectively when they have a spouse/family making the same healthy choices alongside them and corporate insurance costs dramatically decrease as you impact the health of all family members covered under your policy.corporate-wellness-brochure-1



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