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Live Streaming Fitness believes that improving your health and life shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Power of 9.90 allows all of our customers to have access to our 24/7 streaming fitness classes, weekly health tips, and on demand cooking classes. All of this for only 9.90 a month for your entire family!

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For $9.90 a month, you and your whole family will receive 24 hour access to Live Streaming Classes, live chats with our trainers and nutritionists, and so much more! Here is just a taste of what you’ll have with your access to Live Streaming Fitness.



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Live Streaming Fitness (LSF) is a company with a vision to impact the lives of millions through our dedication to provide healthy living resources and opportunities in a way that is changing the fitness and health industry forever!

LSF offers LIVE CLASSES streamed from the home or studio of our trainers straight to your computer, tablet, smart phone, or internet TV with the convenience of never leaving your home!

Until now, fitness resources have been offered exclusively to those who have the financial means to pay expensive fitness accesss and to those who have flexible time schedules that allow them to get to a gym. LSF has developed a model that has eliminated financial and time restrictions so that everyone can have the opportunity to achieve their health and fitness goals!

LSF offers convenient, fresh, and affordable fitness opportunities as well as healthy living and nutritional tools to everyone everywhere with the only restriction being a wifi connection! We have removed all the obstacles that have robbed so many people and their families of a healthy fulfilling life…the only question left is…are you ready to let us liven up your fit!

“I have never experienced fitness in such a convenient user friendly way…LSF has figured it out! I am on my way to the new me…thanks LSF!” Mary Jones St. Louis, MO

Every LSF member will be able to choose from a variety of classes STREAMED LIVE at various scheduled times throughout each day and week. Forget about stale prerecorded one size fits all cookie cutter work out DVDs. Don’t stress about drive time to the gym and sitters for the kids anymore. Instead enjoy the freshness and convenience of live instructors working with you from the comfort and privacy of your home!

Miss your favorite LIVE CLASS…no worries you can catch in our On Demand archives at your convenience.

“What a great way to start the day with the crazy cardio! Tomorrow I am going to do strength training in the morning and then the beginner kickboxing class in the evening!! Loving this site!!!” Joanne Dishko Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

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