Ever Heard of the Paleo Diet?

I was talking with our chef Preston about what I could write for you guys in an article and he mentioned paleo diets.  Did you know that paleo is really big on meats and fats?! That sounds like a really southern type of diet. You know because most food in the south is meat and potatoes or at least my whole southern life has been about meat and potatoes. I did more digging and here is what I found out..

The Paleo Diet is based off of what the early humans would have been able to eat. Basically, it is kind of the cavemen diet.  So no sugars and try to not go crazy with those grains. Bye bye yummy rolls at the steakhouse.

They do not actually point out potatoes on the list of vegetables you should eat. I’m just a really southern girl who grew up on meat and potatoes. The good news to that is the website I was looking at said that you can pair your veggies with starch as well! YOU CAN HAVE POTATOES WITH YOUR MEAT! As long as you have another vegetable with it.

Also they do not have to be fresh vegetables they can be frozen! So if you are like me and forget about those fresh veggies, you can get frozen ones instead. Plus frozen veggies last alot longer trust me.

Now for the meat side it can be pretty weird. You can eat any meat! Yes – steak, chicken, pork, and fish! Go for it! Just make sure they are grass fed and pasture-raised.

The weird thing about the meat rules is that they say to not be afraid to eat the organs. Like the liver, kidneys and heart. How gross is that? I could not do that side of it.

While this diet is really big on fats, it does tell you not to use or consume margarine or certain oils. Do not worry you can still use avocado and olive oils, but they recommend to only use lightly on salads. So basically only the good fats not the bad ones.

The other thing that gets me is the low to moderate for the fruits. All my life it has been you need to eat loads of fruit to be healthy! With this diet they just want you to eat some but not a lot. If you are going to eat fruit – eat berries or fruit that is low in sugar

Paleo isn’t all about food. They recommend exercising in short and intense sessions a few times a week. For anything you are cutting out, like dairy, take supplements in their place so you are not depriving your body of things it needs. Also go outside more and enjoy the sun! Sleep eight hours and go to bed when its dark outside!

For more information go check out the website http://paleoleap.com/paleo-101/