Sticking To It!

Now I’m not a Nutritionist, Doctor, or a Dietitian, but what I can say is that I’ve been very successful over the past four years at living a healthy life style. As we all know, what, when, and how much we eat is a huge factor, and in my opinion, the biggest factor when it comes to living a healthy life style! Afterall, you are what you eat! A major problem I see in our country is a lack of education when it comes to this subject, how can we eat right and be healthy when we aren’t aware of what healthy is? As a fitness professional, it is my duty and obligation to raise awareness about these things that prevent us from living the way we want to.

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself in conversations with clients talking about what’s healthy and what’s not. I’m not sure if we play dumb because we have justified our eating habits for so long that we’ve convinced ourselves that “it’s not bad,” or if we truely don’t know and understand things like diet soda are bad for us! If it IS a lack of awareness and education, then it’s a good thing that you’re ready this article, and my advise to you would be to go find credible material on the subject, and soak it up. Because your health matters!

Ok i’m done preaching, and now I want to make sure you’re able to take something away from this, so here are a few tips that I use in my own life to help me stay on track and STICK TO IT! Afterall, who wants to workout if you’re not going to get results?! Not me, and if you spend more time doing these things, chances are you’ll enjoy exercise more than ever!

  • Meal Prep- Yes, it does take some time, but when done right, you can easily prepare a weeks worth of meals in less than 3 hours on a Sunday, while you’re watching the game!
  • Know your weaknesses- Avoid them! Self-discipline. None of us are perfect, but you may surprise yourself when you do avoid these things, and I can promise you the reward is SO much better than a chocolate cupcake!
  • Get on a schedule- When you eat is also important, planning your meals will help you stay on track because you’ll aways be prepared.
  • Eat a bananced diet- There are tons of resources available to learn what a balanced diet is. When our diets aren’t balanced, our body’s will crave whatever it is lacking. A lot of times, this leads to eating everything in sight to try to satify that craving and you have no idea what it is, so we just continue to eat whatever until we can’t move!
  • Look for exciting new healthy food that you wouldn’t normally eat. I love food, and when it comes to eating healthy, it can become boring.
  • Portion Control- It can be tough to determine how much you should be eating without a professional opinion, but there are a lot of good base line diets and strategies that work great when getting started on these habits.
  • Avoid “diet trends”- My motto is, if you can’t maintain that eating style for the rest of your life, don’t do it. Focus on balance, rather than losing 80 lbs in 2 months. If you can’t maintain your eating habits, the weight WILL come back!

Take charge of your diet and don’t fall short to temptation. Most of the time this happens because we’re not prepared so we just grab whatever is convienient. Take the time to create these habits and eventually it will become apart of who you are!